• Sales Percentage Breakdown

    • $800 to $1500 -  20%
    • $1501 to $2500 - 23%
    • $2501 to $5000 - 25%
    • over $5000 - 30%
  • Fundraiser Options

    We offer online orders, paper orders, or a combination of the two. If you choose to go digitally, we will set up a mini website for your community to shop from.  We will send you a link that you can email to your students, copy to your newsletter, and put into your Facebook group if you have one. 

  • Shipping

    We recommend a $5 flat rate per customer.  You can choose whatever amount you think is best.  If you choose the online version, we will refund your organization for any surplus shipping funds. Local Fundraiser have free pickup options

  • Duration

    We host a fundraiser for 3 weeks. After that, we take one more week to process the orders before shipping them to your preferred address. A total of 4 weeks.

Contact us to set up your Fundraiser